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Precision Left Side Powermeter, 105 7000 - 175 - Blk

Precision Left Side Powermeter, 105 7000 - 175 - Blk

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  • Train harder and smarter with industry-leading accuracy
  • 3D patent pending power meter technology measures tri-axial strain to provide accurate consistent data
  • Left sided, compact design, extremely lightweight at 9 grams
  • Data accuracy within +/
  • 1.5% error margin
  • Waterproof and works in all temperatures
  • Compatible with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart head units, smartphones, and other 4iiii products. For a full list of compatible devices see the 4iiii website
  • User-friendly app and configurable rider compensation scale factor
  • Battery: 100+ riding hours on a replaceable 2032 coin cell battery with battery status indicator on 4iiii app
  • Check frame clearance before ordering on 4iiii's website. 4iiii's rule of thumb for frame to crank clearance: a gap the width of an AAA battery between the crank arm and the frame
  • Precision Ride Ready power meter comes installed on a new Shimano left side crank arm, simply choose the correct Shimano model
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