Discover the difference with LoamLabs - explore what bicycle wheels can offer! Our expert team uses the experience and knowledge to provide bicycle wheels that stand up to the toughest rides.
We use only the finest materials to ensure your wheels are durable and high-performing, tailored to your riding style. Sounds great? Start your journey with us!

Get your Hand Built Wheels with LoamLabs

As an industry leader and your trusted custom wheel builder, we aim to create the perfect bicycle wheels tailored to withstand the toughest challanges. We have perfected our wheel build process through detailed research and countless hours of experimentation to ensure durability, reliability, and top performance.
Our hand-built wheels use only the highest quality components from well-known manufacturers. This attention to detail ensures that your hand-built bike wheels meet each rider's needs. Whether for a professional or an enthusiast, a bicycle wheel builder can boost your performance and enjoyment.

  • We meticulously determine spoke lengths, prep each component and mechanically prestress every wheel to eliminate the traditional "break-in" period.

  • LoamLabs strives to be an industry leader in hand-built custom wheels.

    We want your wheels on your bike not on a truing stand.

Why Choose LoamLabs as your Bike Wheel Builder?

At LoamLabs, accuracy and quality are at the top of our wheel-building process. Each wheel ensures an optimal cycling experience from start to finish, so you can confidently ride.

We focus on creating hand-built custom wheels that meet the highest standards. Our wheels are ready to hit the road or trail right from the start, providing you with a reliable and high-performing riding experience tailored to your needs.

Choose LoamLabs for a superior riding experience supported by experts and innovation. Explore our range of custom-built wheels, bike hubs, gravel, road & mtb rims, and more for your next adventures.

We use cutting-edge technology, ensuring your wheels are built with the latest innovations and advancements! Get your fully customizable options and design your dream wheels according to your preferences, whether it's the materials, finishes, or designs!