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Falkor 36D 700c Carbon Clincher Rim, 24h

Falkor 36D 700c Carbon Clincher Rim, 24h

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The Falkor 36D is a CFD optimized rim designed around road disc brake bikes and meant for road racing or everyday road riding. The Falkor 36D rim is the result of a new design process we call Weighted Performance Matrix (WPM). What this means is that we consider all aspects of a rim during the design phase, things like the bike it will be on, the terrain it will be used on, the hubs it will be built with, typical head and cross winds, tire sizes, and the list goes on. In the end we end up with a matrix with over 20 parameters and use this to fine tune aspects of the rim so that the performance is optimized for the specific application. We truly let the science drive the design rather than the marketing department (which we don't have by the way.) Every aspect of the Falkor rims from the rim profile to the carbon layup schedule to the spoke exit angle is designed using this philosophy.

Key characteristics that make the Falkor 36D stand out are it's width and asymmetric offset. During CFD modeling we centered aerodynamic studies on 25mm (actual width) tires, so if you are looking for the fasted road rim/tire combo that is what we recommend. The inner width of 20mm and the outer width of 27.7mm create a seamless tire to rim transition at 25mm which is key to maintaining laminar airflow around the leading and trailing edge of the rim. Tire sizes from 23-30mm work just fine as well (some 23mm wide tires measure 25mm wide on the Falkor 36D and are optimal.) The Falkor 36D is also tubeless compatible. Designing an aerodynamic rim with an offset spoke bed is a real challenge, and you won't find many other rims like this out there. However, it's impossible to deny the benefits of using an asymmetric rim on today's disc brake bikes so this is a challenge we took head on. The offset of 2.0mm boosts the low-side spoke tension by 13-15% and improves the net bracing angles for a stiffer wheel. The same rim can be used on the front or back by flipping it around.

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