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Falkor 55 700c Carbon Clincher Rim, 24h

Falkor 55 700c Carbon Clincher Rim, 24h

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The Falkor 55 is a CFD and tunnel proven lightweight deep carbon clincher for road racing, triathlons and just riding fast. The Falkor 55 rim is the result of a new design process we call Weighted Performance Matrix (WPM). WPM is our internal process in which all aspects of a rim are evaluated during the design phase. Design parameters include the type of bike it will be on, the terrain, the hubs it will be built with, typical head and cross winds, tire sizes, average rider weight and more. In the end we end up with a matrix with over 20 parameters and use this to fine tune aspects of the rim so that the performance is optimized for the specific application. In short, we let the science drive the design rather than the marketing department (which we don't have by the way.) Every aspect of the Falkor rims from the rim profile to the carbon layup schedule to the spoke exit angle is designed using this philosophy.

During research, we found that the tire shape and how it mates to the rim was critical to the performance. Based on extensive rider feedback and a desire to lower the rolling resistance, the width and shape of the Falkor 55 was aerodynamically optimized for use with 25mm tires. For nearly all road conditions you will likely encounter, the wider tire and rim combination will give the best overall reduction in rolling resistance, drag reduction and excellent cross wind stability. There is also the added benefit of additional traction and more comfort and rim protection from potholes, etc. The Falkor 55 is also tubeless compatible to help with the added traction, pinch flat prevention, increased tire compliance, and decreased rolling resistance.
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