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Solix CL R Hub, 12x142mm MS 24h - Silver

Solix CL R Hub, 12x142mm MS 24h - Silver

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At the heart of the Solix rear hub is a continuously-phased five-pawl freehub seamlessly integrating with a 121 tooth drive ring - offering 605 points of contact translating to an ultra-fine .59° engagement. Crafted from A2 tool steel using precision wire EDM, the pawls and drive rings are engineered for maximum durability. To bring resistance and freewheeling noise to a minimum, we’ve reduced the driving diameter, pawl rotation, and pawl spring pressure, and changed the FH seal layout.

Solix employs matched hubshell bearing specs to evenly distribute loads, an updated bearing preload method to optimize performance and longevity, and freehub bearings with up to 233% higher capacity vs Torch. The combination of endcap debris shields and our new full-contact lip seals provide exceptional bearing protection in even the worst conditions. The unique scalloped design of the hub flanges effectively distributes stress - improving strength while reducing weight.

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